Natural Skin Care Basics

Natural cosmetics have been making a big boom in the market lately. While you might be skeptical that they’re just another gimmick, the reason behind the trend is a true concern for health. Traditional cosmetics contain all sorts of unnatural chemicals that build up in your skin, seep into your pores, and sometimes build up in your body. By using natural products you can avoid this.

Another benefit to natural cosmetics is they won’t irritate your skin or cause an allergic reaction. Often, acne and other skin conditions are actually an allergic reaction to chemicals in your make up and other skin care products.

Keep in mind, however, that unlike “certified organic”, the word natural is not regulated. Natural cosmetic labeling is not regulated. There are no laws in the U.S. that oversee products that claim they use ‘natural’ ingredients. This is because there are not yet any clear standards about what the term ‘natural’ really means.

In order for there to be laws, there needs to be a generally accepted and quantifiable meaning for the word ‘natural’. That way there can be a clear determination of whether a cosmetic fits the description or not. Until that happens, there won’t be any laws affecting the term ‘natural’.

In the meantime, some manufacturers and trade associations are developing their own definitions for the term and issuing ‘certifications’ of their own. For example, The Green Products Alliance has a logo for natural products. Guidelines have been developed that those products must adhere to in order to display the logo. Following those guidelines is strictly voluntary, so are shows that the companies which participate in the program are doing more than they have to by law.

To find real natural products, you should look to see if an independent company has verified that the product is natural. But again, anyone can “certify” a product because there is no government regulation. Some companies even create their own “certification” to say they have a natural product. Research different companies that verify natural products to find certifications that you know you can trust.

The best way to tell a quality natural cosmetic is by looking at the first ingredient. Believe it or not, if water is the first ingredient, that’s a sign to stay away. Water dilutes the product, meaning you have to use a lot more to get the same effect. But don’t stop looking there, keep reading the list. If there’s a long and unpronounceable word, that’s a good sign that you should keep looking. If it sounds like an artificial chemical, it probably is.

If you’ve tried natural cosmetics before and didn’t like them, that doesn’t mean you need to give up. It used to be, there were only a few products that were really natural. Now the internet has provided us with an outlet to get all kinds of different products from different retailers. That means not only are prices lower due to competition (many online retailers will even send free samples if you pay shipping), but you can always try a different product if one doesn’t work for you.

If you want real benefit, opt for multiple brands of natural skin care products for your skin and hair. Just like regular drugstore brands, you’ll find that you have favorite lines that work better for your particular issues.

Keep in mind – it’s likely safe to assume that cosmetics that carry The Green Products Alliance logo are reputable – and that’s exactly why companies are taking the extra step; however, there are also outfit s that are not so reputable that are setting up non-profit organizations which grant awards based on nothing more than paying a membership fee.

As a consumer, you have to make sure that the organization that is awarding the seal is reputable and not using it as just another marketing technique. Just because a cosmetic line got seal of approval from ‘The Alliance of Best Natural Products on the Planet”, it may not mean anything more than they paid a fee to display the seal.

Be Careful While Picking Your Skin Care Cosmetics – Make a Healthy Choice

With the ever growing rise in the pollution levels and the hectic stressful lifestyle that we have, if there is any market that is in its biggest boom, it is that of skin care cosmetics. This has attracted many companies to launch their products in this field.

Easy to guess – not all of them are really effective. In fact the bitter truth is that some of the skin care cosmetics can really end up damaging the skin even more. So, you have to be really careful about what you choose.

If you really see, this problem is mostly found in the products containing chemicals and synthetic ingredients. These chemicals are extremely harsh for our skin and end up causing a series of side effects.

Consider a chemical known as Hydroquinone for instance. It is a powerful antioxidant used in hair dyes as well as skin care products. Now, this chemical is so invasive in nature that it has been found guilty of damaging the connective tissue in the skin and the cartilage.

It causes severe burning and irritation in the skin and as per the recent studies, has been closely associated with cancer too. As a result, many countries have even decided to completely ban this chemical from being used in skin care cosmetics.

Consider perfumes and fragrances as another example. It is a common thing to buy the product which smells the best. But the fact really is that even these “seemingly harmless” perfumes are extremely bad for the health of our skin.

These fragrances can really affect the central nervous system, causing depression, hyperactivity, and irritability!

So, where does this all take us?

To a simple and proven fact that chemical and synthetic skin products can cause more harm than good to the skin. It is better to avoid them and especially when there is a much better option already available.

The better option is to use natural skin care cosmetic products.

As is evident from the name, these products contain only those ingredients which are absolutely natural and hence safe to be used. They have 0% chances of causing any types of side effects and are extremely effective too.

Talking about their effectiveness, it is evident from the power of the natural ingredients that they use.

Consider a powerful cutting edge substance known as Cynergy TK™. It is derived from the wool of New Zealand’s sheep. It works by stimulating the production of Collagen and Elastin – the skin proteins which are responsible for keeping it smooth, firm and wrinkle free.

Then there is Extrapone Nutgrass. This root from a plant grown wild in India, helps by inhibiting the production of a skin protein called Melanin. It is this protein which when over produced, starts accumulating in the upper layer of the skin causing age spots.

So, you see these natural ingredients basically work by restoring the balance of the proteins and other nutrients in the skin. The results are thus tremendously effective and permanent too.

Imagine the gains that these skin care cosmetics containing such powerful ingredients can bring to you. So, wait no longer and start searching for one today.

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Finding the Most Effective Skin Care Cosmetic Products Available Out There

Who doesn’t love to have a healthy, beautiful and radiant skin? After all this is the whole reason why the market of skin care cosmetic products is in boom.

But a word of caution here. Due to this expansion in the market, there are all kinds of products out there, many of which are just not worth a try on your precious skin. They contain cheap and potentially harmful chemicals and ingredients which may actually end up causing dangerous side effects.

So, before choosing any skin care cosmetic products for your lovable skin, you have to be very cautious and sure of what you are using. The rule of thumb that I follow is to simply avoid anything that contains chemicals in it.

It is really these chemical based products only which are so infamous for causing side effects of numerous kinds. This problem is not there at all with all-natural products. These products contain 100% natural ingredients and hence are a healthy and safe option to be tried, even on sensitive skin like that under your eyes.

There was a time when people used to think that natural products are very slow in showing any results. But now things are different. More and more people are turning towards these natural creams and lotions.

The credit for this turnaround needs to go to the effectual ingredients which have been clinically tested and proven. They have been acclaimed as the best anti aging agents available today.

Cynergy TK™ is one such cutting edge natural substance. It works by stimulating the production of Collagen and Elastin skin proteins which are required to keep the skin smooth, firm and wrinkle free.

Active Manuka Honey is another one which penetrates deep into the skin and makes sure that every single layer of it is well nourished and well moist. It also has amazing healing properties and helps in quick rejuvenation of old, damaged skin cells.

Phytessence Wakame helps by providing advanced level of protection from external factors like the harmful UV radiations coming from the sun, wind, extreme cold weather etc. This protection helps in preventing any further damage to the skin and helps in keeping it healthy and strong.

The natural skin care cosmetic products containing the magical formulation of such potent ingredients is one of the best and most effective ways to take the very best care of the skin and that too without the risk of having side effects of any kind.

When such good products are already available, who would want to even try those potentially harmful chemical based skin care cosmetic products? Not me, what about you?